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Section 4: Assessments
The following Pre-Test and Post-Test may be used by the instructor to assess student learning in "The Slope of A Line: It Is Not All Uphill from Here?" subtopic. A Pre-Test and Post-Test Key is also provided.
At the conclusion of this subtopic students should be proficient in determining the slope of a line between two points, identifying the slope and y-intercept from the slope-intercept form of an equation of a line, and determining whether two lines are parallel, perpendicular, or neither.
Additional Resources
Frank C Wilson presented Make It Real: Using Technology to Model Real World Data at the 2007 Texas Community College Teachers Association Conference in Austin Texas. Wilson, from Chandler Gilbert Community College, provided excellent uses for technology in the classroom. He authorized downloading of his activities packet at the conference. The packet and activities may be retrieved from Make It Real Learning and then by clicking on Presentations. This website has other interesting activities and samples to try. We are not affiliated with this company and are not making any claims about its content. We enjoyed his presentation and thought it might provide ideas for additional activities. If you wish to contact Frank Wilson, please send him an email