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These exercises were designed originally for use with Netscape Composer, Vers. 4.7. They could be followed using another HTML editor by merely finding the comparable commands in the other editor. At the end of the series of exercises, you will have created a set of activites and web pages that should give you a fair amount of competence with HTML.

If you do not have Netscape Communicator, you can download Mozilla 1.5, a free software that has almost identical toolbars as Netscape Composer. The download is quick and easy, and to get started editing click File and then New. It's that easy. The exercises here will guide you through building web pages with Mozilla 1.5 -- or Composer.

The exercises were adapted from a module called "The Essay of the Future:Writing the Hypertext Essay." If you want a more indepth look at HTML and its implication, you may work through that module on your own at this link. The short cut - the way to "Lite-ning" HTML is to merely do the exercises and develop the skills they provide. Also, the numbers associate with these exercises are independent of the exercises in the Lite Tech module.

The Ligntning Web Page Exercises can be used with Word or other HTML writers, as long as you realize that icon names and features in other programs will be arranged somewhat differently from Composer. Composer, however, is very easy to use. Performing the activities required will certainly be possible and not that difficult to do.