You are here: Computer Attacks and Prevention

This module is designed to give students an understanding of the risks and prevention of various types of computer attacks. Students will learn the most common types of attacks and how to limit exposure to them. Student activities will reinforce the module concepts and teach them how to research and solve problems related to this changing area.

Teaching and Learning Methodology
This module is designed to fit into various teaching methodologies. The content can be used in a traditional classroom setting, online course or as a lab assignment. Students may also be assigned the module as remediation. Instructors and students may use the module in its entirety or pick and choose specific subtopics as needed. Each section contains a short reading followed by a longer research oriented activity. These activities can be done individually or as part of a group. Students should be encouraged to locate current articles related to the subtopics. Additionally, instructors may wish to add new types of threats to extend the number of subtopics because computer threats evolve on a regular basis.