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Welcome to the Texas Collaborative‚Äôs Discipline-Specific modules and related resources, developed by faculty members from colleges across the state. Coordination of module development is led by project staff at Brookhaven College. Resources found here encompass both academic and technical areas. 

Teaching Modules:

Modules Developed by Past Perkins-Funded Projects:

Integrating Technical Contexts into Academic Courses
The series of learning modules listed below was developed by faculty at El Paso Community College, Houston Community College, Panola Community College, South Texas Community College, and Texas State Technical College in 2001 through a Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board project funded by the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 1998.  

Each module provides information and materials to help instructors in academic disciplines teach their subject matter within the context of a technical field.  They include samples of materials that are free to use as is or to modify, as well as information on how to create similar materials yourself.  A descriptive outline of each module is provided here.  

Most learning modules were developed in PowerPoint and have a varying number of media and/or video files linked to them.  To request an individual learning module via e-mail or the entire collection of modules on CD-ROM, please e-mail [email protected].

  Catalase Inhibition - http://www.epcc.edu/Faculty/joeo/tech_grant/page_cg.htm
Written by Carlos Garcia, Northwest College, Houston Community College System
Computer Science
  Ethical Issues in Copying Software - http://www.epcc.edu/Faculty/joeo/tech_grant/page_mw.htm
Written by Steve Smith, El Paso Community College
  English Composition Technical Honors - http://www.epcc.edu/Faculty/joeo/tech_grant/page_dc.htm
Written by Dana Cantu, South Texas Community College
Engendering Difference - http://www.epcc.edu/Faculty/joeo/tech_grant/page_md.htm
Written by Marie Dybala, Southwest College, Houston Community College System

Writing Persuasively on a Technical Issue - http://www.epcc.edu/Faculty/joeo/tech_grant/page_jlg.htm
Written by Jason Graves, Panola College

The Essay of the Future - http://www.epcc.edu/Faculty/joeo/tech_grant/page_jo.htm
Written by Joe Old, El Paso Community College
English As A Second Language
  Health Module for ESAL students - http://www.epcc.edu/Faculty/joeo/tech_grant/page_jr.htm
Written by Janine Rudnick, El Paso Community College
Health Professions
  Health Risk Awareness - http://www.epcc.edu/Faculty/joeo/tech_grant/page_mhjr.htm
Written by Mannie Hall, South Texas Community College
Library Orientation/History
  Library Orientation and Borderlands History Projecthttp://www.epcc.edu/Faculty/joeo/tech_grant/page_mw.htm
Written by Monica Wong, El Paso Community College
  The Equilateral Triangle - http://www.epcc.edu/Faculty/joeo/tech_grant/page_mb.htm
Written by Michael Bagley, South Texas Community College
  Psychology in the Workplace - http://www.epcc.edu/Faculty/joeo/tech_grant/page_di.htm
Written by Dolores Inniss, El Paso Community College



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