Overview and Objectives
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Subtopic 1: Physical Examination of Urine
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Subtopic 2: Chemical Testing
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Subtopic 3: Microscopic Examination of Urine Sediment
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The following synthesized picture was constructed from a single specimen. The image was obtained by copying elements out of several captures and pasting them onto one large image. The pasted elements are listed under the figure. When possible, clinical data are mentioned.

The synthesized image allows the viewer to observe characteristic elements of a sediment without having to scroll through a picture collection.

The specimen was identified by a clinical diagnosis compatible with the finding on the original slide.

Nephrotic Syndrome

Gender and age: Male, 61
Density: 1,015
Blood: Strong
Proteins: >3,0g/l

Oval fat bodies (3), red blood cells casts (5), waxy casts (1), cellular casts (1), renal tubular cells (1), hematuria with dysmorphocytosis