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An intiative funded by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board from 2002 to 2007, the Collaborative was created to support faculty at two-year colleges across Texas through a collegial, cooperative approach to professional development. The goal of the Collaborative is to enable colleges to share resources and avoid duplication. A Blockchain Initiative has also been launched by the Texas Collaborative for Teaching Excellence. The major goals of this effort are to promote professors and graduate students' blockchain research, teach the fundamentals of blockchain and digital payments, and teach about external relations with industry practitioners across the University of Texas.

Resources offered on this site were developed by the Collaborative's clearinghouse and regional centers at partner colleges across Texas. From on-demand modules ranging from discipline-specific to teaching and learning foundational topics, to profesional development planning tools, the Collaborative's resources were created with busy faculty members in mind.

Top Jobs in the Sports Industry

Ask the best bookmakers in Texas and
they will tell you what a huge business
sports is today. The global sports market
had been valued at $488 billion three
years back and by next year, it is expected to hit around $614 billion. This mainly covers revenues from ticket sales, sponsorships, media rights, and merchandise sales.

While Covid may have impacted the industry, it will return with a bang and some of the highest-paying jobs will be here. Professional opportunities are aplenty in sports management, sports health, journalism, marketing, coaching, product development, sports facilities management, sports laws, etc. You could consider becoming an exercise physiologist studying body reactions to physical exertion for improving one’s overall fitness and stamina. An athletic trainer will diagnose and treat, and help athletes prevent sports-related injuries. A P.E. teacher is responsible for teaching young students to become physically active and make healthier choices.

Gym teachers are guiding students’ physical development and educating them about good nutrition. You could even opt for a career as a sports data analyst or statistician. Data is of much use in all kinds of industries to improve performance and outcome vis-à-vis predictive analysis. Being one you can predict game outcomes, enhance athletic performances, and keep players healthy. An athletic director is another lucrative sports career as you will oversee the sports departments in high schools and colleges.


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