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By offering diverse models for your consideration, this module has provided an overview of how to develop a Faculty Mentoring Program.  Links to the El Paso Community College Faculty Mentoring Program and others have been included throughout the module to illustrate existing mentoring programs.  For more food for thought, read "Does Mentoring New Faculty Make a Difference?"

Also, consider using an interview or survey to evaluate your mentoring program.  The following is an example of a tool developed by EPCC that you could adapt for use with your institution's program.

Evaluation Survey for Mentoring Partnerships

1. Approximately how often did you meet or speak with your mentoring partner?

   A. Almost never

   B. About once a week

   C. A couple of times a month

   D. Other (please specify)

2. What were your mentoring partnership goals (i.e. teaching tips, organizational help, tenure information, etc.)?

3. How many of your goals were obtained?

4. Did you do any of the activities listed in the Mentoring Partnerships Handbook? If so, please list which ones and how they were helpful.

5. What was the most important thing you gained from your partnership?

6. Did you read the Mentoring Partnership Handbook? If so, was it helpful and can you suggest any changes or additions?

7. Would you like to be matched with your existing mentoring partner or a new mentoring partner next semester?

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