Teaching Styles Inventory

Complete this self-assessment instrument if you would like feedback on your preferred teaching style.  There are no right or wrong responses--your scores will provide insight into your affective learning goals for students and the teaching methods that you use to support your goals. The instrument has been constructed using a forced choice technique similar to that used in the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator and in Kolb's Learning Style Inventory and uses four scales for measuring your preferred teaching styles:

  • Learning—varies from Rote to Understanding
  • Concept Representation—varies from Abstract to Applied
  • Cognitive Processing—varies from Enactive to Symbolic
  • Interaction—varies from Individual to Cooperative Groups

Your scores should provide food for thought regarding the type of students you may be best suited to teach based upon your style of teaching, or ways in which you may want to alter your style of teaching based upon the kinds of students you have in your classroom. Download the Teaching Styles Inventory here.


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