Build Your Own Class Web Page

You can give your students practical experiences, teach them about the World Wide Web, and let them construct a their own web pages. At the same time, they can learn the basics of the language of the web—hypertext.

Complete "The Essay of the Future" module yourself if you don't know how to build web pages. Then introduce the concepts to the students. Under your supervision, they can design the class web page, as well as their own.

You can give them assignments on the web—mindful to teach them about giving credit where credit is due—and post them on the web. There is no end to the size of web your class can construct.

"The Essay of the Future" is one of a dozen modules created under a project of the State Leadership Consortium called "Integrating Technical Contexts into Academic Courses" (ITAC), developed under the auspices of the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Educatiuon Act of 1998. The module is online and comes with a teacher instruction component. (There are also modules in Chemistry, ESOL, Library Instruction, Mathematics, Philosophy, Psychology and Public Health.)

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