Professional Development Planning
Tools for Community College Faculty

The Texas Collaborative's professional development planning tools for faculty guide you through a four-step process. Each step in the process is described below, along with the estimated time for completion. For greatest efficiency, please complete the steps in the order listed.

The Faculty Professional Development Planning Tools consist of:

Step I- Assessing Your Skills and Knowledge  (5 minutes)
This self-assessment tool prompts you to evaluate your proficiency in five key areas:  Discipline-specific skills and knowledge; teaching and learning; career and personal development, use of classroom technology; and online instruction. Click here for Step 1
Step II- Professional Development Goal Setting Worksheet (20-30 minutes)
Reflecting on the results from Step I, you will use this worksheet to create professional development goals related to each of the five development areas. What kinds of activities will you need in order to achieve your goals?
Step III- Estimating Resources Worksheet (20-30 minutes)
Professional development requires the investment of time, money and other resources.  This worksheet asks you to budget the time you will need to complete your goal-related activities, the cost of those activities, and the administrative support needed. How can your institution, department chair and fellow faculty members support you in your quest?
Step IV -

Evaluation (30 minutes)
The final step in the planning process involves deciding how you will determine the effects of the
professional development activities in which you participate. How have your new skills and knowledge changed your instructional methods?  What effect has this had on student learning?

Click here for Steps 2, 3 and 4



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