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The VALS System
VALS™ is a marketing and consulting tool that helps businesses worldwide develop and execute more effective strategies. The system identifies current and future opportunities by segmenting the consumer marketplace on the basis of the personality traits that drive consumer behavior. VALS applies in all phases of the marketing process, from new product development and entry-stage targeting to communications strategy and advertising. Visit their corporate website at to learn more about their classification of consumer types.
Taking the VALS Survey
Corporations are primarily interested in making money. In order to make money, companies need to know their product, and invest in market research. Yearly corporate business plans often include market research, and new businesses have the task of convincing banks and private investors that a market exists for their particular product or service. In this exercise, students will analyze their own consumer behavior by completing an online VALS survey.
VALS Application Activity
For this assignment, students will be asked to analyze three commercials utilizing
their new knowledge of the VALS system. For this assignment, they need to
choose three different commercials from three different television networks
(HGTV, MTV, CBS, ABC). While watching, they should pay particular attention to the
commercials and then answer the questions in the attached worksheet.