Module Overview

Section 1: Background

Section 2:
Design Elements

Section 3: Additional Considerations

Section 4: Facilitating the Experience

Section 5:


Module Conclusion

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In a daily planning meeting, the staff does formative evaluation. This daily meeting is very important; the few times that we have not had a daily meeting, things have not gone quite as well. It deals with what is working and what is not. What strong resources are we finding within the group? How do we need to change sessions?

The final evaluation is a short, one-page list of questions with a Likert Scale, 1-7.

The items deal with the following:

  • appropriateness of the seminar
  • facility
  • staff skills/helpfulness
  • length of the event

Open-ended questions deal with items such as the following:

  • What would you change about the MTS?
  • What meaning did the last four days have for you?

The staff, upon the departure of all participants, goes through every evaluation and reports to the team. Over the years, I can say that teachers at the end of the Great Teaching Roundup feel much better about the way that they are spending their lives. They no longer feel isolated because they have a network of other renewed teachers. Their self esteem is very much improved.