Module Overview

Section 1: Background

Section 2:
Design Elements

Section 3: Additional Considerations

Section 4: Facilitating the Experience

Section 5:


Module Conclusion

About the Author

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Developing and Conducting a
Master Teacher Seminar

This is  not a research paper, rather it is a personal account of conducting the Master Teacher Seminar (MTS) design from start to finish, over 24 years, beginning in 1981 and continuing to this day. While the seminar experience described here is strictly local and focuses on the Great Teaching Roundup in Texas, it is remarkably similar to the way the MTS is done elsewhere.

Module Objectives
This module should enable the reader to:

  • Identify the professionals who have developed the seminar.
  • Identify the significant design elements of the seminar.
  • Know the characteristics and skills of a competent staff.
  • Understand the vital logistical requirements needed to conduct the seminar.
  • Acquire some seminar evaluation tools.