The most important person for any faculty development program is the coordinator. A great deal of care should go into selecting this individual. The qualities to look for in a coordinator are the following.

  • An educational leader whose sole responsibility is to work with faculty.
  • A person well-respected by the faculty and the administration as a teacher.
  • A faculty member with no connection to faculty evaluation processes.
  • A person with vision, commitment, time, and energy to take the lead in creating, developing, maintaining, and evaluating faculty development services.
  • A person with recent practical classroom experience and an understanding of the dilemmas and issues the faculty face in their everyday work.
  • An individual who has strong organizational and planning skills.

In addition, Watts and Hammons (2002) suggest:

  • Realistic expectations given available resources and time
  • Understanding of adult learning
  • Willingness to learn about programs elsewhere
  • Training in human relations and group process
  • Training in instructional design, organizational development, and strategies for implementing change