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Find the Error
This activity will best be implemented after the topic has been presented and students have had an opportunity to practice.
The purpose of this activity is to have students learn to look for an error, or errors, and to train them to evaluate their own work.  The student is given a problem worked incorrectly as well as the correct answer.  They are to circle every error they find and explain in words what was done incorrectly in each instance.  To conclude the activity, the student will work the problem correctly showing and explaining each step of the process.  See the Error Worksheet
Assessment of this activity is formative.  The instructor will be identifying those errors the students correctly identifies and those the student misses.  After meeting with the student to discuss these problems or after discussing common errors with the class, a new problem may be assigned to re-assess student understanding.  The final work can also be used to add to the student portfolio.
Another possibility is to have students compare work in a small group and observe the discussion that takes place as they negotiate.