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Additional Resources
Numerous activities are available commercially to offer students practice and reinforcement. Most algebra "games" and activities can be adapted with order of operation problems. You may be interested in visiting: for a game involving dice.
Remember that it is always possible to individualize instruction by using peer tutors from your class to participate with a single student or small group needing more intensive work with the topic.
An excellent website offering information about cooperative learning is: This technique takes a bit of practice and planning to be highly effective. However, students are more at ease working with a partner and even that small bit of interaction is usually better than each one working alone.
You may wish to investigate other tools for interactive practice on the internet .  Here are two to get you started:
  1. An online lesson with interactive quiz at
  2. An elementary online game with instant feedback at .  (You may wish to examine this to determine the appropriateness for your student(s).  Some will find it helpful, others may be frustrated or put off by the graphics.)