Automotive Technology Education:
An Integrated Approach to Curriculum
Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

Stephen Herd, automotive instructor at Brookhaven College, recently led three-day seminars for automotive faculty members, demonstrating an integrated approach to curriculum design, implementation, and evaluation. Mr. Herd led participants through the process of creating a course syllabus, skill-centered lab sheets, and an evaluation tool. This instruction has enabled participants to clearly communicate course objectives to their students, monitor and evaluate student progress, and effectively communicate this information to students in a timely manner.

The resources offered below were created for use by workshop participants but can be easily used by other instructors in the automotive field or other technical areas with similar classroom management issues.

Several Microsoft Word and Excel templates have been developed to support faculty in the development of course materials. They include:

The Automotive Seminar Workbook provides instruction for using each of the templates listed above as well as an explanation of the methodology of applying real-time evaluation techniques to technical occupation lab environments. An exploration of learning issues for automotive students is also included.

User Comments:

Here’s what workshop participants have to say about the content offered through the Automotive Seminar Workbook and supporting templates:

“The classroom management techniques taught by Stephen are applicable to any discipline. They emphasize personal accountability, stress higher-level thinking skills, and provide learners with an objective and fair format for self-evaluation.”

“This material could easily be adapted to any skill-based discipline.”

”I really appreciate Stephen's system for objectively measuring attitude. It emphasizes student responsibility for learning, which is great.”

“Stephen’s knowledge base spans the gamut. He offers excellent guidance on teaching methods, curriculum development, and grading techniques.”


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