AT&T Academy Course Overview:
Building Learning Communities: A User’s Guide

Week 1: Getting Started: What are Learning Communities?

  • Creating a homepage and introduction exercises
  • Survey: Why do you want to start a learning community?
  • Discussion of our definitions and experience with learning communities

Week 2: Why Create Learning Communities?

  • Readings cover the rationale behind and goals for learning communities
  • Discussion of our hopes and expectations for establishing a learning community

Week 3: Exploring Various Learning Community Models

  • Analysis of models for potential implementation at your institution

Week 4: Interdisciplinary Collaboration Around a Theme

  • Small interdisciplinary groups exploring ways your combined content knowledge could be united around a common theme
  • Analysis of collaborative process
  • Exploring faculty roles in a learning community

Week 5: If You Build It, Will They Come?

  • Survey: If the learning community is intended to serve student sub-populations, which populations are those?
  • Continued examination of student populations, pedagogical strategies, connections among students and faculty, other goals, assignments as assessments

Week 6: Sustainability Issues

  • Readings on organizational change and planning
  • Discussion of additional considerations when planning LCs, including: communication, marketing, institutionalization, assessment and feedback, resources needed for implementation

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