Professional Development Planning Tools

The Texas Collaborative for Teaching Excellence is dedicated to enabling quality teaching at community colleges across the state by promoting a collegial, cooperative approach to professional development statewide. The Collaborative views professional development as a systematic process for renewal that promotes an environment for growth for students, faculty, and institutions. To assist faculty in the development of traits that promote teaching excellence, a comprehensive approach to professional development that addresses all aspects of teaching and learning is envisioned.

Developing and implementing a long-term, comprehensive faculty professional development plan is no easy task. The alternative, however, is to provide ineffective or scattershot professional development that does little to improve the overall quality of teaching. The tools found in this section of the Collaborative’s website are designed to guide both administrators and faculty members through the professional development planning process.

A Three-Step Process comprised of:
  • Step I - Identifying and Analyzing Your Institution’s Demographics
  • Step II - Analyzing Your Current Professional Development Program and Identifying Desired Goals
  • Step III - Goal Setting and Budgeting Worksheets
A Four-Step Process comprised of:
  • Step I - Assessing Your Skills and Knowledge
  • Step II - Professional Development Goal Setting Worksheet
  • Step III - Estimating Resources Worksheet
  • Step IV - Evaluation


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