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On June 12-13, 2003, the Texas Collaborative hosted a workshop at Austin Community College for Texas developmental math faculty. Below you will find presentation materials and reports offering specific information about developmental mathematics research and strategies for program improvement. You will also find a link to the newly established online discussion forum for developmental math faculty.

PowerPoint Files:

Developmental Education

A presentation on the background of developmental education that addresses its history, underlying principles, myths, and interesting statistics.

What Works

A presentation outlining Hunter Boylan's findings from Research-Based Best Practices in Developmental Education and the research examining the adoption of best practices by developmental educators in Texas.

Instructional Practices
A presentation outlining research-based best instructional practices for use in developmental education, including:

  • Learning Communities
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Testing
  • Frequent and Timely Feedback
  • Technology in Moderation
  • Mastery Learning
  • Active Learning
  • Classroom Assessment Techniques

Organizational, Administrative, and Institutional Practices
A presentation by Marilyn Mays and Ruth Dalrymple, based on Hunter Boylan's work. Provides an outline of factors to consider in organizing a developmental education system for optimal results, including:

  • Centralization of program activities
  • Coordination of developmental education and services
  • Management of faculty and student expectations of developmental education
  • Collaboration with other academic units
  • Establishment of clearly defined mission, goals, objectives
  • Identification of developmental education as an institutional priority
  • Provision of comprehensive support services
  • Integration of developmental education and community outreach

Program Components
A presentation describing the components of successful developmental education programs, including:

  • Mandatory assessment/placement
  • Systematic program evaluation
  • Formative evaluation for program improvement
  • Emphasis on professional development
  • Provision of tutoring
  • Involvment in professional activities
  • Adjunct faculty as a resource
  • Student performance monitoring by faculty and advisors
  • Developmental philosophy as a guide to program activities
  • Integration of classrooms and laboratories

Texas Developmental Math Survey
A summary of the survey data demonstrating the degree of best practices' adoption by Texas developmental mathematics instructors.

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Texas Survey of Best Practices Adoption
The complete report of the research sponsored by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Division of Community and Technical Colleges, including disaggregation of data by institution type and recommendations.

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