The Origin
of Hair

Topic 1: Structures of
the Hair

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Topic 2: The Layers of the Hair

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Topic 3: Chemical Composition of Hair

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Module Overview:
A Close Look at the Properties of Hair and Scalp


This module is designed to give students an understanding of the growth, structure and the composition of the hair. The central focus is to answer the following questions: What is hair? What is it made of? Students will learn the chemical composition of hair, its structure, physical properties and diseases and disorders related to hair.

Teaching Methodology

This module is intended to be used as a self-paced resource for students. Each topic has an explanation section of the material covered as well as an activity section and a quiz.

Module Objectives

After completing this module, the student should be able to:

  1. Understand how hair forms and grows.
  2. Describe the structure of hair.
  3. Explain the physical properties of hair.
  4. Understand the cycles of hair growth and the factors that influence hair growth.
  5. Describe the chemical composition of hair.
  6. Explain the physical and chemical bonds relative to hair.

Instructions for the Instructor

This module is intended to aid the student in understanding the properties and compostion of hair. The student will be able to read the material, complete the activities, and assess their understanding of the materials presented at their own pace and with minimum supervision.