Online Faculty Development Courses

The Texas Center for Online Technology offers online professional development courses for Texas community college faculty. From the basics of Internet teaching to the details of online course management and support, the Center has or can design the training needed by you and your college:

  • Distance Learning Workshops in your neighborhood. Funds are now available to sponsor workshops at your college location. Workshops are available for the remainder of 2005. Contact Telfair Fullerton, Tyler Junior College, at [email protected] to set up a workshop near or on your campus. The Center is focusing on issues related to providing support services to distance students. Local sessions can also include software oriented programs on the use of WebCT, QuestionMark Perception, and Blackboard and other distance learning topics such as Building a Course Website, Student Retention, Advanced Internet Applications and Best Practices for Distance Education. Plan your session today!

  • Online Classes
    At least two online courses will be taught during the fall for two-year college professionals. All courses provide the equivalence of 32 hours of online instruction and originate from a variety of Texas community colleges. To participate, you must request admission through Texas Center for Online Technology. Final participants will be selected by the individual VCT contacts in each college district.

    • Ten Ways to Increase Your Online Course Retention
      (April 2-May 11)
      A five-week short course designed to give you ideas for increasing the number of students who successfully complete your Internet Classes. Designed by a team of veteran Internet faculty, the course will allow you to immediately place proven retention strategies into your online class.
      For current Internet faculty only.
    • Building an Online Freshman Orientation
      (TBA-Summer 2005)
      For colleges who would like to design an online freshman orientation for their students. Participants will need to have some basic Web design skills. The class will parallel Putting Your Course Online but all participants will be working on their own online freshman orientation.
      Up to 25 may register.

  • E-Packs for Local Colleges
    Three course e-packs are now available for delivery by your local Texas community or technical college. The e-packs are free to the colleges who may also join the Internet Teachers Consortium in order to contribute to and receive course updates.
    • Preparing to Teach Online
      If you are truly at a beginning level here’s your chance to learn basics - how to search the Internet, do online chats, manage your e-mail resources and create your own Web pages. In other words the foundation skills for an online class.
    • Putting Your Course Online
      Once you possess basic Web skills, this class will help you build the deliverable components of an online course.
    • Advanced Internet Teaching Methods
      In this course, participants explore advanced Web interaction techniques, audio and video streaming, online PowerPoint and much, much more.

Check with your own institution’s VCT coordinator to determine the dates a particular course may be offered on your campus. If your college is not teaching a course this semester, you may be able find another college teaching the same class through the continuing education catalog.



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