Statewide Academy for Part-Time Faculty
Delivered by Northeast Texas Community College
February 1-May 5, 2006

Supporting Quality Teaching at Community Colleges across Texas

What are the six words you should
never say to students?

"I've never taught this class before."

What should I say when students ask me
something I don't know?

How do I make a positive first impression?

What should I do the first day?

How much personal information should I
share with students?

How do I keep students motivated?

These are some of the questions that part-time teachers frequently ask or that run through their minds.

We would like to assist you in finding the answers to these questions and to many more that you may have as a part-time/adjunct instructor. Thus, we invite you to apply for participation in this teaching academy for part-time/adjunct faculty members. We expect that participation in the Academy will build your classroom competence and personal confidence, which will, in turn, lead to greater student achievement.

Participation provides you with an opportunity to:

  • Acquire a foundation for effective college teaching
  • Interact with and receive special assistance from full-time master faculty members.
  • Share experiences and build closer relationships with other faculty.
  • Receive an array of teaching and classroom management ideas to successfully meet the needs of students.
  • Be published in a Statewide Directory of Academy Qualified Instructors.

Participation includes:

  • Applying by the deadline, January 27, 2006
  • Participation in an online orientation module:” “Who Are We?” and “Who Are Our Students?”
  • Completion of four, well-designed online PD modules and an accompanying evaluation after each module
  • Submission of a self-reflection paper regarding what was gained from the Academy

    Apply online at


Review the 2006 Calendar of Academy Activities.

The Academy for Part-Time Faculty is a professional development program designed to help acclimate new full and part-time faculty to the community college teaching environment. It was developed by Northeast Texas Community College and is offered as a resource for colleges across Texas through the Texas Collaborative for Teaching Excellence.

To learn more, please contact:

Dr. Judy G. Traylor
Northeast Texas Community College
P. O. Box 1307
Mt. Pleasant, TX 75456-1307
[email protected]
(903) 434-8242



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