Statewide Academy for Part-Time/Adjunct Faculty
Description of Online Modules

Current Issues
This module will utilize the WebCT discussion board to allow you to ask questions or raise concerns you may have as a part-time or adjunct faculty member. Your peers and others will be able to share their responses stemming from personal experiences, best practices, and/or research. You will also share your own feelings, thoughts, knowledge, and/or expertise about concerns, questions, or issues introduced by others. This module was developed by Kevin Rose of Northeast Texas Community College.

The Teaching/Learning Environment
This module focuses on the principles of effective learning and teaching. It is designed to provide you with information on key teaching and learning concepts that will be useful in your classroom. Information regarding research-based preparation and planning is provided. It addresses using research to systematically and carefully plan for the productive use of instructional time. It emphasizes that to be effective, you will need to make research-based decisions about your objectives, as well as the strategies and methods you will use. This module was developed by Eileen Anderson of Collin County College District.

Assessment means different things to different people. This module provides practical applications for using assessment as a learning tool. It also discusses how student self-assessment can be used as a vital tool in the learning process. It will acquaint you with the key concepts and methods of classroom assessment and evaluation. This module was developed by Eileen Anderson of Collin County College District.

Teaching Methods
In this module, you will become familiar with several different types of teaching methods, including technology in classroom and collaborative/cooperative learning. You will be provided an opportunity to experiment with some of these methods in your own classroom. This particular module will also provide an excellent opportunity for you to dialogue with your colleagues about new teaching methodologies and ways to improve your own teaching techniques.



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