Technology Resources

Resources found here include learning modules on classroom technology and online teaching topics as well as information about available professional development workshops.

Learning Modules

NEW! Introduction to Computer Ethics
Susan Upshaw, an instructor of computer science at Del Mar College, created this module which introduces the field of ethics broadly and then narrows the focus to its application within the study of computer science. The readings and activities ask that students examine the intersection between technology and society. How do groups of people determine what is right and what is wrong? How do ethics change as technology changes?

Wireless Security Technology
Luis Perez of Southwest Texas Junior College and Audrone Matutis of Houston Community College-Northwest developed this module on network security for broadband networks to explain the tools that should be used to prevent and/or detect threats to these networks.  These tools, and the skills needed to use them, can be used to address WLAN security issues in education, business, and government settings.

Signal Processor Emulation
Dr. Scott Gehman of Houston Community College's Audio Recording and Filmmaking program created this module to help students learn to operate common signal processors using "plug-in" models found in audio recording software such as Digital Performer.  Many audio files for analysis are provided.

Computer Attacks and Prevention
This module by Steve Smith, El Paso Community College, is designed to give students an understanding of the most common types of computer attacks and ways to limit exposure to them.

Digital Convergence
This module by Steve Smith, El Paso Community College, will help students identify key technologies associated with convergence and the competencies necessary for convergence technologists.

Lite Tech
A self-study module by Joe Old, El Paso Community College, that offers faculty a user-friendly guide for gaining quick access to powerful instructional technology. A painless and fun look at technology tools you can begin using in your classroom today!

Build Your Own Class Web Page
You can give your students practical experiences, teach them about the World Wide Web, and let them construct their own web pages while learning HTML basics.  Under your supervision, your students will be able design the class web page, as well as their own page, using resources provided in this web-based module.

E-Packs for Local Colleges

Three course e-packs are available for delivery by your local Texas community or technical college. The e-packs are free to the colleges who may also join the Internet Teachers Consortium in order to contribute to and receive course updates.

  • Preparing to Teach Online
    If you are truly at a beginning level here’s your chance to learn basics such as how to search the Internet, do online chats, manage your e-mail resources and create your own Web pages. In other words, the foundation skills for an online class.
  • Putting Your Course Online
    Once you possess basic Web skills, this class will help you build the deliverable components of an online course.
  • Advanced Internet Teaching Methods
    In this course, participants explore advanced Web interaction techniques, audio and video streaming, online PowerPoint and much, much more.

Check with your own institution's VCT coordinator to determine the dates a particular course may be offered on your campus. If your college is not teaching a course this semester, you may be able find another college teaching the same class through the continuing education catalog.


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