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The purpose of this teaching module is to provide students with current information on their career of choice. It provides tools that allow them to take a thorough look at their career and make an informed decision on staying in the field or choosing a different career path. For students already declaring a major, it clarifies their choice or raises questions early enough in their college career to make a change without jeopardizing degree completion. For those students unsure of a major, the module allows them to explore a career, maybe choosing a path they feel fits them.

With so many students unsure of a major or changing majors merely because they do not like the classes, this module is a starting point for some and an answer for others. The key factor achieved is the question of purpose. With the completion of the module, students will seriously evaluate the requirements, drawbacks, and benefits of a relevant career.

This module is designed to create awareness and improve knowledge in four key areas:
  • Career Development
  • Library  and Internet Usage
  • Essay Development
  • Critical Thinking Skills

Other than Developmental Studies, this module can be used for workforce courses such as nursing and veterinary science along with a host of other disciplines.

Teaching and Learning Methodology
This module has been created to accommodate many kinds of teaching and learning styles. Beginning students will enjoy a more traditional, face-to-face, classroom setting delivery of this module to have the professor on hand to answer questions and fill in any gaps not fully understood. Other students with a few semesters under their belts may prefer completing this module through an online course, or if inside a traditional class, with a more technology friendly presentation of ideas such as a PowerPoint Presentation of how to get started on the assignment.

For first-year students, assign all of the activities. For second and third-year students, the assignments related to finding major companies, hiring, internship possibilities, and professional organizations may work better as a writing assignment requiring follow up letters. This assignment can be as short as three class periods for a presentation or outline, or it can as long as six class periods to introduce and discuss the assignment and method of completion, research field, outline, essay, and Peer-Instructor Review. Students can work by themselves after the library orientation and at home with online library access.After working individually, students can work in teams of similar fields of study to gather even more worthwhile information. While working in teams, students can use critical thinking and questioning skills more keenly. Similar fields can work in groups and formulate presentations along with collaborative discussion of the process. Experts in the field and professional organizations within that field can come to class for longer discussion after the assignment's completion.