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Finding Your Place in Life Activities
Instructor Notes
The assignment can be very difficult for some students because of their lack of exposure to researching a topic, so hands on help is very important for successful completion of the assignment. After completing the library tour with students, conference times should be arranged so that you can monitor students' progress and comfort level with the assignment. One day of conferencing initially should be adequate, but those students with additional questions may need more time.
Discuss the Assignment
Begin the assignment with a face-to-face explanation of the instructions and your expectations for their investigation of each of the following aspects of the assignment:
  • Defining a career interest
  • Providing an overview of typical jobs
  • Choosing a specific occupation
  • Identifying the qualifications, including degree plans
  • Identifying exams required for professional licensure
  • Determining starting salaries with and without experience
  • Locating major employers
  • Interviewing potential employers
  • Locating internship opportunities
  • Exploring membership in professional organizations
Provide a Library Tour
Follow the introduction with an extensive tour of library resources delivered by a campus librarian or via computer. Make sure your students understand how to use electronic resources such as the library catalog, databases, ebooks, journals, and websites. Give them time to practice locating various types of resources. They will then be ready to complete the portion of the assignment called "Discovering Job Prospects in Your Field."