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Discovering Job Prospects in Your Field
Accompany your professor to a Texas Workforce Commision Career Exploration Session and or complete an Online Career Options Test. Follow this up with a tour of the resources in your campus library and you will be ready to complete this assignment.
  1. Find at least three sources, which relate to your career choice. These sources can be found in resource books, magazines, journals, interviews, databases, or Internet sites, but three sources must be found. Sources should be found from a host of locations, not just the Internet.  Make sure your sources are no more than three to five years old.
  2. Next, answer the following questions using the source documents found.Type your responses in single space form, but remember this is not an essay. Write in complete sentences and rephrase your questions and or statements in your answer. After typing and completing the answers, attach with it copied sources from the library, Internet, or interviews. Copied information is mandatory.  I must know where you received your information. Your assignment will not be graded if you have not attached the three sources.
    (a) Define your career or career interest.
    (b) Provide an overview of typical jobs and your specific choice.
    (c) What are the qualifications for most jobs in this field?
    (d) What degree plan is needed to make your specific career choice a reality? (Stop by or make an appointment at the counselor's office and ask for a copy of your degree plan.)
    (e) Is there a professional exam? Is it required? If not, why do some people choose to take it anyway?
    (f) What are typical starting salaries with and without experience?
    (g) Where are most jobs in this field located geographically? (Don't just look in Texas even if you want to stay here; give a broad geographical perspective.)
    (h) What are some of the major companies that hire people in this career?
    (i) Where can one find an internship for this field of employment? List at least five.
    (j) What professional organizations can you join within your chosen field? List at least three.

  3. Using the sample letter as an example, compose a letter to a potential internship employer requesting a meeting to discuss internship possibilities.
  4. Using the sample interview questions as a guide, Interview someone who has your specific career choice and attach ten questions you asked and the responses you received.