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Finding Your Place in Life Assessments
A reaction/reflection essay will serve as your primary assessment tool. Ask students to compose a 5-8 paragraph essay in which they explain, after completing all the career exploration activities, whether they would still choose the same career and which three or four components of the assignment helped them to see their career choice in a new light, positively or negatively.
The following "challenge questions" can be used as writing prompts:
  • Where did you find your sources?
  • What source was the most difficult to use and why?
  • What source was the easiest to use and why?
  • Are internships paid or unpaid?
  • What resources helped you find a person in your field to interview?
  • How many professional organizations did you find in your field?
  • Were the professional organizations local or national?
  • Use the Grading Profile to help you evaluate students' essays.