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Module Overview


This module will provide the student with a working knowledge of some of the most important topics of digital convergence. Upon successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • Define convergence
  • Identify industry certifications related to convergence
  • Explain Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Describe the issues associated with implementing VoIP systems
  • Define Bluetooth and its importance to convergence
  • Define Wi-Fi and its importance to convergence
  • Research and document new convergence trends


Digital convergence is an area of growing interest for both individuals and the business community. Consumers and industry professionals are being bombarded by new products and technologies based on converging systems. As computers become more connected and technologies become more integrated, new methods, standards and career paths are established. Merging technologies have already changed the way businesses and individuals operate.


Bluetooth: a wireless communication standard that allows electronic devices of all types to connect and interface automatically.
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP): a method for taking analog audio signals, digitizing them and transmitting the new signal over a network or the Internet.
Wi-Fi: Wireless Fidelity. Also known as IEEE 802.11b, a short range wireless data networking protocol.

Relevance to Academia and Industry

Digital convergence is a growing field for the IT industry. New industry certifications and curricula exist for Convergence Technicians. As this trend continues, increasing numbers of trained individuals will be needed to manage these new systems.