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Subtopic 1: Ethics and Values

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Subtopic 2: Bioethical Problems Identification

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Subtopic 3: Methods and Strategies for Decision-Making

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Acknowledged Authority, Law, and Convention

This activity continues the sorting process begun in Activity 2.3 where students were asked to identify and sort questions of ethical import in the case of HIV-AIDS and ADAP funding from those which involved non-ethical concerns. Here, the purpose is to identify those questions according to positions taken on the issue where justification for those positions follow acknowledged authority, law, and convention.

Activity 3.1
Students will research and identify the various appeals to generally acknowledged legitimate authority made on behalf of the opposing sides in the issue of redefining ADAP elegibility requirements, including appeals to law and federal and state regulations. Once identified, students will formulate answers to the following questions. Which appeals, if any, are appeals to moral or ethical authority? What role does convention, or conventional thinking play in such argumentation? Do any of these acknowledged authorities carry the weight of a universally accepted sense of value? If not, is it conceivable, or wise to approach the address of public health concerns in an ethically neutral manner? Students will present their answers to these questions in an online forum.