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Subtopic 1: Ethics and Values

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Subtopic 2: Bioethical Problems Identification

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Subtopic 3: Methods and Strategies for Decision-Making

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Subtopic 3:
Methods and Strategies for
Bio-Ethical Decision-Making

The purpose of this subtopic is to consider methods and strategies for bio-ethical decision-making in the context of addressing public health concerns. The suggested activities are meant to foster an appreciation of the political realities involved in building a public concensus for actions that respect ethical principles and their correlative instantiation of values within a community and/or culture. 

The methods and strategies of bio-ethical decision-making must first include an identification of acknowledged authorities and conventions which cannot help but bias all approaches to addressing questions that involve public health issues. The activities in this subtopic seek to direct students to consider this concern, to show how it is handled at present in the form of a process, and to a critical means for evaluating the positions of opposing sides within that process.