Background and Resources

Subtopic 1: Ethics and Values

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Subtopic 2: Bioethical Problems Identification

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Subtopic 3: Methods and Strategies for Decision-Making

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Background and Resources

The focus of this topic, namely how bioethics is confronted with opposing questions of value when dealing with public health issues, allows multiple variations in teaching its philosophical content. The connection the module makes between that content and actual community concerns amplifies that flexibility. Concerns of this kind are generally understandable to students at all stages of learning. Philosophical questions may then be presented to emerge  along the way to addressing those concerns. Depending on how much emphasis an instructor wishes to place on the "ins and outs" of bioethical  decision-making, this module can serve as an outline for an entire semester course, or by editing, become an applied component in another course where the topic is seen to have relevance. In addition, a short version may be adapted to serve as the basis of either a workshop or conference on the topic. Faculty are encouraged to see this flexibility as an opportunity to tailor the module's presentation to current issues in their communities and world beyond.

Relevance to Academia/Industry
Students preparing for careers in public health, scientific research, business, religion, and government will find this module of particular interest since the problems that emerge, both practical and philosophical, are problems with which each of these areas must deal.  Whether the question is one of overall community health and well-being, needs assessment, budget and affordability, the prioritization of services, law, professional ethics, and/or personal values, the strife of values within contemporary culture is strong evidence for including this form of questioning and problem solving in academic programs.

Glossary of philosophical terms, acronyms, and technical terms.

Website links and suggested community resources.

Learning Sections (Subtopics)
  1. Ethics and Values
    • Values in General
    • Ethical Values
    • Assessment
  2. Bio-ethical Problems Identification
    • The Case of AIDS and ADAP
    • Research and Drugs
    • Philosophical Issues
  3. Methods and Strategies for Ethical Decision-Making
    • Acknowledged Authority, Law, and Convention
    • Process
    • Critical Concensus