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Subtopic 1: Ethics and Values

Activity 1.1

Activity 1.2

Activity 1.3

Subtopic 2: Bioethical Problems Identification

Activity 2.1

Activity 2.2

Activity 2.3

Subtopic 3: Methods and Strategies for Decision-Making

Activity 3.1

Activity 3.2

Activity 3.3

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Subtopic 1: Ethics and Values
  1. Values in General
  2. Ethical Values
  3. Assessment

An individual's or community's values indicate a great deal more than those values that philosophy includes with ethics and ethical decision-making. The purpose of this subtopic is to lay out the different kinds of values that are found in the world generally, and to provide students with a determinate means to distinguish these from those which are traditionally taken to be ethical formulations. 

Activity 1.1 addresses the first concern of understanding values in general, while Activity 1.2 narrows the focus to the difference between ethical and not-ethical meaning. Activity 1.3 then provides students a means for determining the origin of their identified values, both general and ethical, in terms of methods of acquisition.