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Linear or Non-Linear Paper Strip Activity
This activity is meant to provide a quick check for instructors to access student understanding and recognition of linear and non-linear equations. This activity is traditionally utilized the class period after the presentation of linear and non-linear equations. It can also be used, however, as a pre-test.
Examples of Linear and Non-Linear Equations are provided. Instructors will need to make copies of the given equations and, depending on the class size, create additional equations.
Instructions for Use
Before class, instructors should cut individual equations into strips and place groups of equations into small, snack size, plastic bags. The equations provided will produce 10 equation strips and two headings, Linear and Non-Linear.
In class, distribute plastic bags with strips to each student or groups of students, depending on the instructorís preferences.
Ask students to sort equations as to whether the equation is a linear equation or a non-linear equation. As students are sorting their equations, the instructor should perform an informal assessment by walking around the classroom to check each student or groupís accuracy and provide feedback as needed.
Once all students have sorted their equations, it is suggested that the instructor provide a list of equations sorted by each category on the overhead. The overhead may be made from the examples of linear and non-linear equations provided above.
Students can then check their own accuracy in the activity. Further discussion can be made as to why certain equations are linear and others are not.