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Phone Bill Project
This real-life application is a great way to conclude our module on linear functions. This activity may be used in the classroom by assigning students to work in groups or as a take-home activity.
Begin by giving each student a copy of the I Love Math Phone Company Bill and Phone Bill Worksheet. A Blank Graph may also be given to each student to assist in graphing the ordered pairs and linear equation. A scientific calculator may also be useful.
Ask students to pay special attention to the units used to define the x-axis and y-axis on their graph in question four. Depending on the knowledge of the students, the instructor may need to spend some time reminding students of appropriate division of the x-axis and y-axis in applications.
Assessment of this activity may be done by the instructor walking around the classroom and providing guidance when needed. A Phone Bill Worksheet Key is provided to allow for a quick check of student progress.
This activity is a modification of a project found in "Interesting Data Analysis Problems for the TI-82" by Tom Reardon.