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I Have...Who Has? Activity
"I Have...Who Has?" is an old game that is easily adapted to check comprehension of various concepts. This adaptation of the game checks concepts related to functions and x- and y-intercepts.
The following description will include:
To Play "I Have Who Has?"
  1. Print the following I Have Who Has Example Overhead to show students how to play the game.
  2. Give each student one card from the Twenty-five Question Set. All twenty-five cards must be used in order for the activity to be successful since all cards depend on each other.
  3. The instructor begins the round by asking first question (provided on example overhead).
  4. The student with the correct answer says: "I have (fill in answer)" and then asks the next question by saying "Who has (fill in answer to next question)?"
  5. The student response and question continues from student to student until all of the cards have been used.
Example of Opening Comments
"Today we are going to play a game to check comprehension of concepts related to functions, their graphs, and intercepts. Each of you will receive one (or more) cards that have the answer to a question and a question to ask."
"I will ask the first question. One of you will have the answer to that question. You will answer that question by saying 'I have' followed by the answer. Then, at the bottom of your card, you will find a question to be asked. You will ask 'Who has' followed by the question. The game will continue until everyone has answered and asked a question."
I have an overhead to show what a card looks like and how the game is played. The answer given in red will not appear on your card.
Instructors can assess student learning for this activity by observation of student participation and accuracy while playing the game. Instructors may encourage or require that students take notes while playing the game and then have each student turn in their notes for a grade. The following Cross Reference Page will assist instructors in the assessment process.
Online Modifications
This game may also be played in an online format through an online course management system discussion board. The instructor should e-mail a card to each student in the course and then create the first posting in the discussion board (similar to the example overhead). It is suggested, however, that instructors create a "time limit" on student responses so that the game can be played within a week time frame.