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Section 3: Assessments
The following Pre-Test and Post-Test may be used by the instructor to assess student learning in "Linear Functions and Graphing" subtopic. A Pre-Test and Post-Test Key is also provided.
At the conclusion of this subtopic students should be proficient in determining if a relation is a function, evaluating functions, and graphing linear functions by determining ordered pairs or x-intercepts and y-intercepts.
Additional Resources
Included in this subtopic is a "Get The Picture Activity" in which students graph linear equations with restricted domains to create an outline of the Texas flag. This activity is inspired by Dr. Ron Larson who provided numerous examples of graphing projects and a source for the Winplot program that makes such graphing projects easier at the Texas Community College Teachers Association Conference in Austin, Texas in February 2007. A website linking to the Winplot graphing program is the Peanut Software Homepage. In addition to a link to the Winplot download, tutorials and supplementary material for the Winplot program are provided.