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Section 1: Assessments
The following Pre-Test and Post-Test may be used by the instructor to assess student learning in "The Coordinate System is Our Friend" subtopic. The Pre-Test and Post-Test Key is also provided.
At the conclusion of this subtopic students should be proficient in graphing ordered pairs on the coordinate system, determining if an order pair is a solution to a given equation, and graphing linear functions by plotting points.
Additional resources may be found at the following websites:
Plotting Points in A Rectangular Coordinate System is developed by Dr. Abdelkader Dendane, Ph.D and provides an applet which allows a student to practice plotting points on the Cartesian Coordinate System. Online students may find this resource especially helpful.
Maze Game is developed by Shodor Education Foundation, Inc. and provides a fun activity for students to practice plotting points on the Cartesian Coordinate System. The link provided will take students directly to the game. However, folder tabs at the top of the screen will allow students to read the directions on how to play the game.