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Get the Picture Activity
This activity is planned as a take-home activity for students; however, it can easily be used in the classroom. It is suggested that students work in groups when using the activity in the classroom so that it may be completed in ten to fifteen minutes.
To begin the activity, make copies of the provided Blank Graph and Get the Picture Equations sheet for each student. Ask students to graph the given equations of lines, paying careful attention to the restricted domains for each equation. You may want to remind students that since equations of lines need only two pieces of information to determine the graph of a line, they may graph each equation using the endpoint values for the domain. It is important not to go beyond the restrictions of the domain. Once all equations have been graphed, students should easily identify the picture created.
Assessment of the activity may be done by collecting the completing graphs and comparing each students solution to the Get the Picture Key provided.
This activity can easily be extended by creating additional figures and providing students with the equations to graph. With creativity from the instructor, pictures can be designed that incorporate the concepts of parallel and perpendicular lines and horizontal and vertical translations, for the advanced student.