Overview and Objectives
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Subtopic 1: Physical Examination of Urine
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Subtopic 2: Chemical Testing
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Subtopic 3: Microscopic Examination of Urine Sediment
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Activity 3.1
Microscopic Examination of Urine


The student should be able to:

  • Describe what type of specimen to use for microscopic examination of urine

  • Describe how to prepare a urine sediment from a proper urine specimen

  • List four types of cells that may be found in urine sediment

  • List three types of casts that may appear in urine

  • Discuss the formation and makeup of casts

  • Name crystals commonly found in acid urine and crystals found in alkaline urine

  • Identify cells, casts crystals, and other elements found in urine sediment from prepared slide or visual aide

  • Prepare a slide for the microscopic examination of urine

  • Report results of a microscopic examination of urine


The following links provide the background information necessary for this lab.